Pineapple Fried Quinoa


Vegan, vegetarian, or just full out flavor love?! The pineapple fried quinoa is a meal for all.  With a blast of flavor and healthier ingredients, it is a great combination for any family dynamic.  The rich, sweet flavors of the soy sauce (tamari) and maple syrup create real depth in the dish.  The fresh kale, shitake mushrooms, onions and pineapple give it a nutritional variety and color blast. The most surprising fact is the additional flavors the tahini and pineapple juice dressing provides the dish.  It creates a well-rounded nutty flavor with an acidic bite.  The nutritional yeast adds some nutrients to the dish and makes the quinoa fluffier.  Quinoa is a great substitution to rice and other grains because it contains more protein than other whole grains, which is necessary in diets like veganism and vegetarianism. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. This dish can be made vegan by following it exactly.
  2. In place of tamari, I used soy sauce because they are equivalent in taste the difference is that tamari is a vegan version.
  3. Four cups of quinoa is 1¼ cup dry quinoa.
  4. I used about ½ tbsp more soy sauce to give it more flavor.pineapple-fried-quinoa06
  5. I nixed the mint from the garnish and the dressing.  I felt that the dish was already fresh enough.  If using mint, remember less is more because it is so potent.
  6. I replaced the dried jalapeno with chili powder.  You can use any spice that will give it the kick you desire.
  7. I used chicken broth because it is what I had on hand, but vegetable broth works for both vegans and vegetarians.
  8. I cooked the quinoa and sautéed the tofu, onion, mushroom mixture separately.
  9. After the tofu is cooked remove it until the dish is complete.
  10.  Add all the ingredients to the pot of cooked quinoa and cook for an additional 3-5 minutes.  You just want to mix everything and heat up the chopped pineapple.  Don’t over cook it.
  11. Then, add the tofu and dressing. Mix it well.
  12. There is no need for fancy plating unless you want to impress someone and you think the taste alone won’t blow them away.

I made this dish for a potluck with friends, and it was a real winner-winner not so chicken dinner.  It is a bombshell of flavor and nutrients that was simpler to make than it sounds.  Don’t be intimidated by all the ingredients and give it a try.  You cannot go wrong with this dish, and it’ll blow your vegan family tongues out of the water.  Who knew vegans could have such fun flavors!

Leave a comment with your suggestions and other vegan recipes you’d like me to try.  Follow my Pinterest for more recipes.  Check back again next Wednesday for more tips and tricks from The Cooking Bug.

P.S. Pictures are thanks to the original blogger.


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