Homemade Pumpkin Puree


With fall in full motion and holidays knocking on our doors, some of my favorite things to make are pumpkin flavored treats.  Not only are they the trending foods for fall, but pumpkin adds moisture and delicious flavors to almost any dish.  Yet, the only way I’ll make anything with pumpkin is with my own pumpkin puree.  It can be time consuming to make your own puree; however, you gain the benefits of fresh, non-preservative puree–making your dishes that much better.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. You’ll cut the pumpkin into even pieces.  I usually do four because of the size of
    the pumpkin.
  2. Pie pumpkins are the pumpkins used for pureeing.  They are sweeter and
    puree smoother.
  3. Be sure to remove the entire inside gunk and seeds from the pumpkin.
  4. Cook in a 400 F oven until tender.  They should pierce easily with a fork–usually
    45 minutes.
  5. Let the pumpkin cool be handling it.  The skin will be easier to remove.
  6. The skin should peel off easily after being cooked.  Be sure to remove all of the skin before pureeing.
  7. I chop the cooked pumpkin into even pieces to puree easier.
  8. The puree will be a bright orange–different from canned pumpkin–because it lacks
    the preservatives.

pumpkinpureeWith my two pie pumpkins I was able to make 4½ cups of puree.  Since most recipes call for anywhere between ½ and ¾ cup, you should be able to make quite a few recipes to wow friends and family until the season ends.  If you need extra help and detailed pictures, The Pioneer Woman provides excellent description.

Try your hand at least once at making and using your own puree and you’ll never go back to canned goods.  Used sparingly, you can make your puree last until the following year or stalk up on pumpkins and double the amount.  It can easily freeze and last for up to a year.

Enjoy these tricks for an delicious treat.  Leave a comment with your favorite pumpkin recipes.  Follow my Pinterest for more recipes to come.  Check back again on Wednesday for more tips and tricks from The Cooking Bug.


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