Pumpkin Pie Spiced Popcorn with White Chocolate Drizzle


I love fall.  The smells, the colors and the popular pumpkin pie spice make the season worth waiting for.  With holiday parties right around the corner, this pumpkin pie spiced popcorn with white chocolate drizzle will be a winner.  There is no other recipe I have loved more than this popcorn.  You’ll want to have a party or some kind of event to bring the popcorn to because it is like crack cocaine–sweet and addicting.

Every holiday season, I buy pre-packaged, overpriced popcorn for my dad and relatives.  This year I’ll be making my own.  Not only is this popcorn deliciously addicting, but it is simple and exciting.  I never realized how simple and easy making flavored popcorn could be.  While it may take time to cook it, the caramelization that you obtain is the topping to a wonderful gift!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. I used one full bag of SmartPop! popcorn instead of popping my own kernels.  It is only 35 calories a cup and so much tastier.
  2. Instead of corn syrup, I used water and sugar.  Since I used Truvia, it came to be ¼ cup sugar and 1/8 cup water.
  3. You can use the spices listed or just use all spice in substitution.  Be sure to taste the sauce to accommodate those seasoning substitutions.
  4. Halving the caramel in the mixing process allows for all the popcorn to be covered evenly.
  5. Cooking the popcorn in the oven creates a caramelization with the sauce.
  6. Tossing the popcorn is important to keep the popcorn from creating clumps and burning.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It may be time consuming, but higher temperatures will burn your treats.pumpkinpiespicedpopcorn
  7. White chocolate is temperamental, so be sure to microwave it in small increments to prevent burning it.  Continuously stir it to keep it from clumping.
  8. To create the drizzle effect, scoop white chocolate on a spoon and use your finger.  Swiftly shake the spoon and your finger back and forth.  If you create a clump, separate the pieces.
  9. The recipe created about 3 full gallon bags
    of popcorn.

For a matter of $10 you just supplied your entire office, family, friends and holiday parties with a delicious and exciting gift.  You can marvel people with your skills.  Family and friends won’t believe you made the tasty treat.  Pumpkin pie is the taste and the caramel sauce topping is the smell of fall.  There is no other winner than this new favorite recipe.  Just be warned that you’ll gain about 5 pounds just staring at it, so keep to the tips I mentioned above.

Leave a comment with your favorite fall recipes.  Follow my Pinterest for more recipes.  Check back again tomorrow for an extra trick & treat from The Cooking Bug.


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