Tabbouleh Salad


Sick of meat, but you still need valuable protein? Quinoa is a great substitute.  It allows you to mix up your monotonous fish and chicken and enjoy grains without slacking on protein.  The tabbouleh salad we’ll work on here combines all your grain and protein cravings in a fresh and
easy way.

Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean dish that can be found in Arab and Turkish dishes.  It has been adapted into many variations but consists mainly of cucumber, Bulgur wheat, and tomatoes tossed with an olive oil and lemon juice sauce.  It’s light and fresh taste is best served cold and after it has soaked up the flavors of each component.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. I exchanged Bulgur wheat with quinoa.  Quinoa provides more protein as a grain while still maintaining that Bulgur wheat texture.
  2. I just diced cherry tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers and added shredded carrots for a bonus crunch.  I nixed the mint because you don’t use that much and the salad is
    already fresh.
  3. You need to add the olive oil mixture to the quinoa or else it won’t mix thoroughly and will sink to the bottom.
  4. Cooking the onion will make them sweeter, but I only suggest this method if you have a very pungent onion because you want the freshness and acidity that it has to offer raw.
  5. While cooking the quinoa you can chop the other ingredients to save time.
  6. I used the Tabbouleh salad as a filling for a pita sandwich that I had spread with roasted red pepper hummus; however, it can be eaten solo over some greens and is just as tasty and fresh.

tabboulehsaladThe great thing about this salad is that is provides of mixture of flavors that are filling and light at the same time.  The freshness of the ingredients create a light meal while the quinoa helps fill your stomach.  You can mix things up by enjoying this salad but still maintaining a healthy diet.  I liked the cucumbers and added carrot because they provide both color and crunch that a sandwich desperately needs.  Those ingredients will help you stay away from fatty,
greasy chips.

Leave a comment with how you enjoyed your tabbouleh salad.  Follow my Pinterest for more delicious recipes.  Check back again next Wednesday for more tips and tricks from
The Cooking Bug.


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