Coconut Souffle

coconutsouffle2Soufflés are temperamental and extremely difficult in their own way.  Theoutcome is all in the egg whites.  They have to be whipped to perfection in order to master the soufflé.  Eggs are the key ingredient for the lightness and airiness of a soufflé.  Improperly beaten egg whites (both under- and over-beaten) aren’t aerated adequately, and as a result, the final product is dense, flat, and a disappointment.  However, the taste is still there, so don’t be too dishearten by this coconut soufflé.

Many times, making a soufflé takes many attempts to gain perfection.  Keep in mind that the fresher the eggs the better they are at being whipped; keep the egg whites and yellows as separate as possible; keep beating until you have stiff, shiny peaks.  Increase the speed of the beaters slowly.  Signs that you have overbeaten your eggs are a dry and curdled look with liquid weeping from the sides.  While the eggs can still be used, they will affect the overall look of your soufflé making it denser.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

  1. I would add the coconut extract to the batter to keep it from making your dry ingredients stick in clumps.
  2. I would add more of the coconut extract than required for a more coconut flavor.
  3. I used Stevia; however, its light texture does not work well in this recipe and it has a diet aftertaste.  You’re already breaking the calorie count with this recipe so go for the real stuff.  If you are concerned, use ½ the amount of sugar with Truvia.  Truvia is sweeter and zero calorie than regular sugar.coconutsouffle
  4. The third rack in the oven is important.  It allows the tops to puff and brown along with the dessert to be cook all the way through.
  5. When mixing in the egg whites to the batter, do so gently.  Again you don’t want to overbeat your egg whites and mush them into nothing.
  6. You can toast coconut in the oven to dust on top of the finished soufflé.
  7. I would suggest adding whipped topping to give the dessert a yummy creaminess.
  8. You can use other sized ramekins, just remember to adjust the cooking times.  I used 7oz ramekins and it took about 20 minutes to cook thoroughly.
  9. The soufflés are finished when you have a puffed top and golden crust.

Challenge yourself with making a soufflé of your own.  There are many types of flavors that can be added to please any taste buds.  Remember that white soufflés are not as sweet as darker, chocolate soufflés.  Check back soon to hear about my chocolate soufflé tips for those once a month cravings.

Leave a comment below with how your egg whites work.  Be sure to follow my Pinterest.  Check back again next Wednesday for more tips from the cooking bug.


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