Cauliflower Pizza


When it comes to pizza, cauliflower is the last thing from my mind.  I picture a large pepper, onion and pepperoni pizza oozing of cheese and a crisp, chewy, garlic bread crust.  However, once you go cauliflower you’ll never go back.  A few weeks back, I tried cauliflower as a substitution to tortillas.  This cheesy, cauliflower pizza seems to follow in those steps.

While it can’t replace your greasy, heart attack pizza, it can provide a healthier meal and delicious flavors.  Keep in mind that like many dishes with cauliflower, it can have a more grainy texture that might take some getting used to.  With a layer of sauce and a sprinkle of cheese, you can extinguish your pizza fix in a healthier setting.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Remember that ricing the cauliflower means using as little of the stems as possible and making it in a more moldable form.  Be sure to wipe down the sides a few times during this process.
  2. Once riced, microwave it in order to get more of the liquid strained from the cauliflower.
  3. I used a paper towel and drained the liquid in batches.  Let the cauliflower cool before handling or your hands will get burned.
  4. I sprayed the parchment paper with Pam instead of olive oil to cut the calories and make it healthier.
  5. Using a pizza stone works best because it will not burn as easily, but a cookie sheet works just as well.
  6. Use your hand to pat out the crust and make sure that it is evenly spread around in the shape you want.  It should be easily moldable like Moonsand but not goopy like putty.cauliflowerpizza
  7. I cooked the crust for 15-20 minutes adding more time for a crispier center.
  8. We used a Boboli sauce because it has a sweetness to it, and NO other sauce can
    beat it.
  9. I used a mixture of 3 types of cheese on top: Manchego, Gruyere and Fontina. They compliment each other very well and are mild yet tasty.  We used 2 oz of each, but I recommend next time using 1 oz.
  10. Because we are using so many cheeses there was a thin layer of grease.  If you don’t want the grease, just dab it lightly with a napkin.
  11. I recommend not using peppers and tomatoes because these vegetables release water in the cooking process making the
    crust soggy.
I split the pizza into 8 slices raining in about 230 calories per slice.  With that count and a veggie bottom, I am in heaven.  Now you can enjoy a healthier, tasty version of pizza.  The recipe allows for gluten free, Paleo (using their own toppings) and vegetarians to dig in and enjoy.  This pizza recipe allows for me to indulge in my pizza cravings without killing my calories.  One piece of a regular pizza ranges 300-400 calories while this one kicks that in half.
Leave a comment with your thoughts on cauliflower.  Be sure to follow my Pinterest.  Check back next Wednesday for more treats and tips from The Cooking Bug.

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